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Video credit: IHC World www.ihcworld.com

We read about Micro Tissue Arrays in the current literature.  It seems like a cool idea for research labs and other non-clinical applications.  If you haven’t thought how they might help in your routine everyday processes…consider they might save you time,  simplify complex decision-making and reduce re-work in the routine clinical path lab.

How much time do you spend each day managing control slides? Have a big IHC menu? Lots of specials? Time spent keeping QC tissue blocks organized, slides cut, matching the QC slide to the antibody and deciding to mount the patient section on the control or double the reagent cost and run two: we do it every day and it adds up.  Ever grab the wrong control and have to start all over again again?  Yeah, me too.

Wouldn’t it be AWESOME to just reach for ONE slide for all your routine specials?  Or ONE out of maybe THREE choices for your entire IHC antibody menu?  Watch the video at the top–these aren’t difficult to construct and once mapped, reading them is a breeze. 

The molds come in different sizes (# & diameter of the plugs) and assuming your cutters know their stuff, you’ll produce HUNDREDS of perfect, proven control slides from each block stocking your stain techs for weeks in even the highest volume situations.

Thanks to IHC World for the quality video and photos. 

Drop me a comment (upper right) with your experiences and thoughts — good idea or just another neat way to play with paraffin?