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 We ALWAYS have jobs…temp and permanent hire.  It’s been a LONG time since we’ve had THIS many.  Take a look, don’t forget our REFER-A-FRIEND bonus program.  And as always, this isn’t the complete list–call if you need something specific and we’ll search for you….


A. Private Small Reference Lab: 2 HISTOTECHS, 1 PA/GROSSER: A newly remodeled private lab has two day shift openings for full service including specials and IHC.  Two Histotechs to work together as well as a possible PA or Grosser to fill out the team.  They have an aid and it’s one of those jobs where you do it all and get the kudos you deserve.  An ‘old-school’ lab and one worth exploring if you’re looking for a long-term career opportunity. GREAT DOCS!

 B. Large reference facility: 1 HISTOTECH: A routine Histotech position.  Good pay and a possible career path with a large private company

C. Large reference facility: 1 HISTOTECH: Routine histology near one of the nicest cities in which to raise a family (my hometown!)

2. Florida

Gulf Coast Hospital: 1 SUPERVISOR and 2 HISTOTECHSAll day-shift for a private community hospital rebuilding their team. 

IF YOU DON”T HAVE A FLORIDA LICENSE–CALL ANYWAY.  An opportunity to move into a facility that cares enough to stand up for their techs and get them the pay and the environment to do the best work for their patients!  I like the lab manager–she had a great plan for this group!

3. Ohio

Private Hospital Facility: 3 HISTOTECHS: One handling the autopsy suite and some histology, the other two will fill out the Histology team.  They are rebuilding their team with an eye toward making it the best place in the area to work. 

4. Texas

A. Private medium-sized reference lab: 1 LEAD, 1 GROSSER, 2 HISTOTECHS: Multiple positions including a lead that might also serve as lead grosser, a grossing tech and several Histotech positions with several start times.  They have been a great place to work and with new management, are back on track again.

B. Private small reference lab: 1 HISTOTECH and possibly 1 IHC TECH: Lovely newly remodeled private reference facility outside a major city.  Nice management, routine work and a good pay rate…nice place to raise a family, too.

C. Large reference lab: PA or QUALIFIED/EXPERIENCED GROSSING HISTOTECH: They aren’t quite sure of the shift (evenings or early AM) but this is a career facility with promotion from within.  Very nice facilities, good pay and benies.

5. Colorado

Private medium reference facility: 2 HISTOTECHS: A NICE PLACE TO WORK….our temps convert to permanent at this place!  Can’t get a better compliment than that.  They’re growing and need more qualified help.  They do work with students and train but new experienced techs bring in new ideas.  I’ve benched with this supervisor–she’s a straight shooter–you know what is expected and how you’re doing.  Good pay–BEAUTIFUL city. 


HISTOTECHS, PATHOLOGIST’S ASSISTANTS: Seeking multiple HISTOs & PAs for a large number of temp and permanent openings…there just aren’t enough of you guys!

Call  281.852.9457  Email your resume for a call-back: admin@fullstaff.org

Fax and Alternate Phone: 800.756.3309