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I love how at the end of each workday in Histology, all the specimens are grossed, your blocks are cut and slides are turned out or on an overnight IHC run.  When you load the processors you have a pretty good idea what tomorrow (or like today how Monday) is going to go. 

I still bench in a lab pretty frequently but not every day.  I’m usually in an office under a phone headset and duct-taped to my computer.  I miss having a stack of flats or a tray of blocks at the end of the day and the satisfaction of ‘I did that’.  Nowadays my day is a reflection of who I talked with: is  the search for their next career step going well…or how close are we to finding that perfect fit for the people in that lab working short for the second quarter in a row. 

I do think about how stressful being in a job that doesn’t fit can be.  I’ve had a few of those along the way.  I also think about how tired you get working short day after day–we’ve ALL been there. 

So rather than being measured by a stack of slides or a box of blocks, my day at Full Staff is measured by this question:  where did we make a REAL difference today?  My day is about people and service.  Sometimes that means sitting at my desk on a beautiful Saturday afternoon because Suzanne and Erick need to get back to work and the guys in Ohio have been working short since before Thanksgiving.  It feels good–

–the privilege of making a difference.